Feather Duster, Large

Sahlins Struts

Dust with style! Beautiful and practical ostrich feather duster with wooden handle and extra long feathers. Wipe dust away from even the most delicate items. Shake outside to rinse.

The feathers can also be washed in warm water with mild dish washing soap or baby shampoo, be careful not to let the leather ferrule get wet. Soak and move around in the solution to loosen dirt, rinse in clean water and then shake out the water, squeeze gently if necessary. Hang upside down to dry. Once the duster is dry, fluff by moving your hands through it.

Our feather dusters come from an ostrich farm from the Dalarna in Sweden, where ostriches have been raised for over 20 years. In addition to their own produce the farm imports supplies also from a cooperative in South Africa, where ostrich farming has long traditions. All of the supplies are ethically sourced, non of the feathers are plucked from alive birds.

Materials ostrich feathers, lacquered birch, leather ferrule.

Handle length 30 cm, total length approx. 58 cm.

Made in Sweden.



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